Early Modern Spain

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Electronic texts

In the course of our research, we have generated a number of electronic texts which we have found useful for full-text searching and other forms of analysis. On this part of the site, we have made these texts available to other scholars who might find them useful.

In general, they are available to be read on-screen, or can be downloaded for use with other browsers or word-processing packages.

In the main, these texts are not offered as critical editions, although some of them do derive from published editions and can therefore be relied upon to be reasonably consistent and accurate. Others have been prepared in more rough and ready formats. You are advised to check the status report on each text before you make use of them, and you should in any case check back with original printed or MS texts before drawing definitive conclusions.

If you are able to make use of these texts in your research, please give credit in full in your published work.




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