Janua Linguarum, 1617,
Bathe,  W.

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Short Title: Janua Linguarum
Place of Publication: London
Date of Publication: 1617
Language: English , French , Latin , Spanish
Style: Prose
Textual Type: Language Learning Textbook
Bibliographical Notes: This is an extensively revised version of the Janua text, to which has been added a French column and the Spanish has been reincorporated. On the last leaf is a list of errata and on the penultiamate an advertisement. The advertisement is fascinating in that it details how the author expects the book to be used: "My conceit then, of the utlitie of this worke towards the obtaining of Tongues, meeting with the iudgement of most learned, I sought in adding two languages, to render the volume yet as portable as might be, and if not as a Manuall or pocket-booke, yet a Pectorall or bosome-booke, to be carried twixt ierkin and doublet. Seeing therefore no matter of moment (I meane for a learner) to be contained in the ten Chapters, which in the other booke, precede the Centuries, being but a meere discourse of the Author, teaching the Methode by him used about compiling of the same; I left them wholy out, as altogether immateriall: the learner (as I say) being rather to profite by this already inuented Frame, then hereby taught how to compose the like. [ In the Index also, or short Vocabular after the Centuries, considering how the interpretation of euery Latine word in each seuerall Vulgar, would have swelled up the Book to an huge bulke, the same being to be found in the Sentences with proper application, I thought the number or figures added, a sufficient reference thereto; especially, absolute Dictionaries not wanting, wherein to finde, either the genuine, or more generall sences of each Latine Diction, who so affacts a more compleate knowledge thereof.
    People associated with this text

  1. Barbier,  John (Parisiensis)  -  Translator
  2. Bathe,  W.  -  Author
  3. Field,  Richard  -  Printer
  4. Lownes,  Matthew  -  Printer
  5. Lownes,  H.  -  Printed for
  6. Welde,  William  -  Translator